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  1. my wife and i travel in an rv between illinois and texas each year,stopping in waco twice a year to visit our daughter and her husband. everywhere we stop i look for a place to buy fresh eggs,i can’t stand the junk they sell in grocery stores. i have found my egg supplier in waco,18 miles from my campsite but well worth the trip.thanks so much FRED BARRETT

  2. Thanks Fred and have a safe trip and hurry back to Texas.

  3. Posted by Z Potter on December 15, 2013 at 9:55 am

    I have been looking for a source for pastured type home grown eggs for a few months. About a month ago, I came across Fresh Country Eggs and made arrangements to pick up my first order or eggs. We ate 8 dozen in just under a month! They were delicious. When you pick your eggs up, you can see that the chickens are well cared for and raised the right way. I would recommend these eggs to anyone looking to get away from mass produced store bought eggs. I won’t ever buy from the store again. There is no comparison!

  4. Would you like to be on the end of a class action civil lawsuit?

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