Eggmans Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey

(1) 750 MIL Bottle OF Cheap Chardonnay OR Riesling
(1) 14.5 OZ Chicken or Turkey Broth
(1) 14.5 OZ Water
Paper towels
Virgin olive oil

Lets cook this bird
Place table top roaster in safe place to operate ad water and broth in roaster and plug in and heat with lid on set to 325 degrees.
Take the goodies out of turkey cavity and wash turkey inside and out with water:
Let water drain from bird on kitchen towel and dry out side.
Place metal rack in bottom of roaster to keep bird off the bottom on roaster.Place bird breast up on rack in roaster and stuff cavity of turkey with paper towels(take towels off role as it comes don’t tear 1 sheet at a time) pack it tight in cavity until its sticking out of turkey:
Open the wine and pour about 2/3 bottle in the cavity of turkey making paper towels wet till its full:
Rub olive oil over all the turkey skin u can reach without lifting turkey:
Cover with lid and cook 50% of done: check directions on turkey packaging for weigh and time for the size of turkey your cooking: At that time take top off roaster and poor all but 2 shot glasses of the wine in the cavity of the bird: Recover and cook till the pop up timer pops out its ready.
Drink the 2 shots of wine for doing a great job on the turkey!
Enjoy and send me a few comments. I promise ya its great.I started this way of cooking 15 years. I started this on a fire pit outside and then started doing in roaster about five years ago so breast meat would not be dry:
Enjoy and happy holidays from your Eggman

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